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One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, presents the reader to the issue of people gaining too much power in society. He further explains the theme of power and control through conflict and symbolism. Power and control are expressed in this novel because it shows how people of higher authority abuse their power. The external conflict between the characters supports the theme. Also, the characters represent superiority and inferiority. This is an example of symbolism. This theme stands out the most because it relates to the real world. Nowadays, people who have control will take advantage of others. This theme is important because people can connect to it. Conflict is a significant literary element that supports the theme of power and control. The author presents the conflict of the novel, which develops the theme. The story takes place in a mental hospital. Nurse Ratched is in charge of the hospital and its patients. The patients are strongly affected by the nurse’s actions. An example of this is when the author states, “Six-thirty out of bed, seven into the mess hall, eight ...

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