Theme Between Illusion And Reality In The Great Gatsby

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A Thin Line Between Illusion and Reality Illusions and reality are vital elements in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby because the novel focuses on an idealistic world that holds the main character, Jay Gatsby, captive. Gatsby believes that he can make his illusions reality through a series of plans. He is blind to the fact that his ultimate plan asks too much of others. The author cleverly chooses his words so readers can understand how resisting reality or living in fantasy can become catastrophic. Several critics elaborate on the obsession Gatsby has with achieving his dream. The other characters in the novel are aware that the past is the past, but he is oblivious to the idea. Although Gatsby refuses to take the truth into consideration,…show more content…
At first, Gatsby is seen by Nick reaching for the green light. This implies that Gatsby is reaching for his goals and the light is a symbol for his future with Daisy. One can also take the situation as him reaching for something that is not actually present. The green light belongs to someone else and so does Daisy. However, Gatsby can only see his idealized future which reunites the bond he and Daisy carried. The green light is a replacement in his mind serving as Daisy’s place until her existence finally reappears in his life. Fitzgerald uses this object to symbolize the mental stand point of Gatsby throughout the entire novel. At the end of the novel Nick realizes why Gatsby took interest in the light throughout his life. He understood that everyone has a dream; a vision of what they want their life to be like. Nick also discovered from the experience that there are incidents in the past that everyone wishes they could relive or change. Gatsby’s dream was powerful enough to destroy him, but his extreme dedication is what made him honorable in Nick’s eyes. Pidgeon writes, “He really is the American boy pursuing the American Dream, never knowing that the dream which his idealism has created is not worthy of him”
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