Thelma Todd´s Mystery Death

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Thelma Todd, a stunning young american actress was a essential hit in the years 1926-1935. Ms. Todd was most known for her amazing looks and her comedic roles in the films. Momentarily she is remembered by her mystic death. A question now lingers whether her death was accidental, murder or suicide? Ms. Todd was found in her car dead of carbon monoxide poisoning, her death is claimed to be accidental. December 16, 1935 is a date that many of Thelma Todd's fans will never forget. But Thelmas death was neither accidental nor was a covered murder scene. Thelma Todd had fallen inlove with a mobster named Lucky Luciano and with his money, and power he easily convinced Thelma to trust him even with his criminal recerds. Therefore, he slowly began to give the impression that he wanted to marry her. Their relationship seemed to be fine until Lucky told to her that he wanted to put an illegal casino in her restaurant. If this were to happen she will have more customers in her her restaurant meaning more wealthy people, higher radings and more money. But she will indeed owe Lucky a lot. In Luckys mind this was a great investment because those wealthy people well eventually have a huge debt and would lead to not only having the contol of a couople of police officer but to have in control of hollywood. Lucky was very persistant about this investment but Thelma continued to refuse. In Brown Derby restaurant people said they heard Thelma scream at Lucky, "Over my dead body", Lucky replied, "That can be arranged." This could have been a motive for murder. Lucky was in the industry of killing, so to him this could have been a good reason to kill since he would do anything to have the highest power in hollywood. Another suspect was T... ... middle of paper ... ... evedince that would make him a suspect. The hitman first knocked Thelma out and placed her in her car and turned the engine on knowing that the carbon monoxide will kill Thelma within twenty minutes. By doing all of this Thelmas death would seem like an accident or a suicide but in reality it was murder. Later that Monday she was found by her maid and was declared dead. Overall, we have very little evidence to say Lucky is the murderer, but lucky had several motives to kill Thelma. Lucky was a prideful man and Thelma made a fool of him. No one could intervene with Lucky`s plans in being in power of hollywood and Thelma simply interfeared with this. Lucky was a man who knew what he wanted and that was money, power and respect and did whatever it tooked to accomplish this. Lucky killed Thelma because she did not let him put the illegal casino in her restaraunt

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