Their Eyes Were Watching God Reflection

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Each and everyday, everyone is trying to figure out who they are. The things they do, say, their preferences, and desires shape what they are. In the book Their Eyes were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston the main character Janie is doing exactly that. She is trying to figure out who she is, and what the future holds for her being a mixed woman from Florida. Coming from a life where she is privileged compared to others of the African American descent, she is raised by her grandmother after her mother is not well equipped to take care of her. Nanny gives Janie all that she can, and in return she expects her to do exactly what she says. Janie is already wanting to be independent at a very young age and struggles with what her grandmother envisions…show more content…
She respectfully mourns the death of Jody, but after a period of time she finds herself wearing what she wants, and doing whatever she has ever wanted to do. She burns the hair rags she was forced to wear, and it gives her power to feel as if she can do anything she desires. Jody has left her the house, store, and his money. She starts living like she has always wanted to, and unexpectedly she meets someone who completely changes her mind about being alone. Vergible “Tea Cake” Woods is Janie’s true love. Tea Cake is a man who finds Janie intelligent, and allows her to join in on activities she was prohibited from with Jody.. “He set it (the checkers) up and began to show her and she found herself glowing inside. Somebody wanted her to play. Somebody thought it natural for her to play. That was even nice. She looked him over and got little thrills from one of his good points. Those full, lazy eyes with the lashes curling sharply away like drawn scimitars,” (Hurston 95). Janie loves Tea Cake’s easygoing attitude and spontaneous lifestyle, but is still leery about him, and cannot decide if she wants to be with him due to an age gap between the two. Her relationship with Tea Cake was the most beneficial, because he saw her as his equal and never felt as if she was below him. Janie works in the Everglades with Tea Cake in the fields. She enjoys this labor for the fact…show more content…
With the start of her life, till the time she was first married off, Nanny tells her how to live her life but she is looking out for Janie. Nanny picked her first husband Logan, who Janie quickly realizes he is the type of man she does not want to be with. She wants to be in love, and to not be looked at as almost a slave. Even though Jody looked like a man who could give her what she wanted, she also realized that she did not want to be looked at like an object. Which lastly leaves Tea Cake, a younger man who looked at Janie as a prize but did not read her like Jody did. He respected her, and let her join in on activities that she was not able to do before. Tea Cake loved Janie and he was her true love and it was unfortunate in the story to have Janie kill her husband in such a way. Echidna every person who played a role in Janie’s life would show her who she was. In the end of the story she is indeed an independent woman, and has completely changed from who we met early in the
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