Their Beliefs As A Christian

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1. Their beliefs as a Christian (Include sacraments)
As Christian I believe in a Triune God -God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit-, and they are consubstantial “of one substance or one in Being”. God the Son is eternally “begotten” of God the Father own being, likewise, God the Holy eternally “proceeds” from God the Father. Therefore, we recite Apostles or Nicene Creeds, not because UMC is creedal church, but because it helps members come to our own understanding of the Christian faith.

As Methodist, I recognize two sacraments Baptism and Communion, why two? Because Christ himself participated only in those two sacraments. Baptism is the moment when one through immersion, pouring or spring of water one die in Christ and resurrect with Christ into a new life as new creature. It is the beginning of lifelong journey as disciples of Christ. It is in this moment, when the person joins to the Trinity, become member not only of the whole church, but also participant Jesus’s body -the local congregation-. Decision to be baptize is not a human desire by itself, it is because prevenient grace reach the person first, and one respond to it by grace too, asking for forgiveness of our sin. (Web page)
Communion, as people gathered to the table, our giving thanks to God and sharing the bread and cup together in the community of faith, we commune love with Christ and with one another. Communion is very important because bread and wine become into the blood and body of Christ by the Holy Spirit, not only nourishes, but also sustain us in our journey as disciples of Christ. Wesley advocated to celebrate it “as often as possible.” (Anderson)
Baptism and communion are means by which God encounter us, works in us, and sustain us in merc...

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...blings; then I have my adopted sister (we adopt each other) and share one father, next I have my family here in the United Stated, my close friends, and my extended family in Peru.
I have no little children to take care of, my daughter is older enough and stand by herself which means I am free to serve the Lord with all my time and soul, body, mind and strength. My closest family support my calling to serve, specially my daughter who always remember me about my calling. I am so grateful, about the support in many ways of my extended family in Peru. They are excited and waiting for my ordination, and my mom and my siblings believe that my father “ministry legacy” in the Lord, will become truth soon. They want to supports me not only as a family but also materially. We are planning to build a church –a body of Christ- over there as part of our legacy to our neighbors

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