Theatre Arts And Creative Writing Or Theatre Arts

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As my senior year progresses, I begin to think about what I want to do with my life. Where do I want to go? Where do I want to end up? What is the best option for me? I want to make the best decision for myself. Creative writing or theatre arts. In this essay, I will compare which major is best for me, theatre arts or creative writing, by analyzing what degrees are offered, career opportunities, and what classes I need. For a major in theatre arts, the classes are all different. According to Stephens College Undergrad Curriculum Catalog for 2016-2017 (2017):
“The minimum credits for a Bachelor of Fine Arts are 120 semester hours, which 36 of those must be upper-level coursework. B.F.A require a summer spent at the Summer Theatre Institute and another one in the Okoboji Summer Theatre, six production crew assignments over three years and two strikes per semester.” (p.183) Also listed in Stephens College Undergrad Curriculum Catalog for 2016-2017 (2017), are classes offered specifically towards theatre majors, “THA 251: Costuming (1.5 hrs.)” “THA 421: Advanced Acting I - Shakespeare (3 hrs.)” (p. 183. Para. 4-6) I also looked into furthering my education beyond the offered B.F.A or B.A in theatre and found information on
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If I had my choice, it would be in playwriting. Stephens College Curriculum Catalog 2016-2017 (2017) gives the listing of classes mandatory for a creative writing major, ranging from “3 hours of introduction to narratives” to “6 hours of English literary traditions and Global literature. As for opportunities, Prepscholars Blog “Should You Be a Creative Writing Major?” (2015) states:“Workshops can be very productive since they offer the opportunity for lots of revision and rewriting.” (Heimbach, A. para 12) Also, according to Dornslife’s Frequently Asked Questions, Ph.D. in Creative Writing and Literature page (n.d) that a creative writing major should plan on spending up to 5 years completing their
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