Theater vs Home

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Over the decades, we have strived to think of a better lifestyle for people throughout the world in terms of entertainment. Inventors developed many different television screens for the audience to be captured and inspired in whatever they were watching. When the big screen was introduced, it was a huge impact on people and it remodeled our perspective on the way we look at movies today. Let’s face it; we all have learned lessons, and maybe changed something about ourselves from just watching a simple movie. Movies are a wonderful thing that can sometimes clear our minds and show us it is okay to have an imagination that is infinite. Thanks to technology, we can enjoy watching our favorite movie of our choice pretty much whenever and wherever we want. The main ways of watching a movie is going to the theater with friends and/or a significant other, or watching at home. The question is which is better; watching a movie through your home television screen or in the theater? I would rather go to the theater to see a movie and be captivated by the big screen and have that exciting experience. I love walking into a theater immediately smelling the popcorn being cooked as if I can taste it. TV screens are displayed throughout the entire theater advertising upcoming movies and usually getting all the customers’ attention including mine. Watching a movie at the theater or at home can have many differences. One in particular is when at home, you have the convenience of being able to pause, fast forward and rewind a movie whenever you want. That is such a benefit in my household. Another difference between the two is the opportunity to see the movie in the theater the moment it comes out instead of waiting months later to see it on Dvd o... ... middle of paper ... ...ith your friends and discuss what you did and did not like. The great thing about movies is they can be watched anywhere. If watching a movie at the theater is not preferable to some people, then the option of watching at home is perfect, either way friends can still enjoy the movie along you side. Even though the average American can not necessarily afford a TV screen as big as theater screens, however; it is very possible to still almost be hypnotized by a movie. Movies have of way of drawing the audience in and taking them through an unexpected journey no matter where you are. At home lying on a bed or in a theater sitting in a seat, a movie can grasp the viewer’s attention in any way. When watching a movie the need for refreshments is an absolute must for me. The fortunate thing is to be able to do it at home and also in the theater. The intensity of a movie
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