The yellow wallpaper

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Using examples from all of the texts from this specific unit compare and contrast the conflicts that drive these struggles of the main characters. Look for similarities and look for differences within those similarities. Look for differences and look for similarities within those differences.

In the story “The yellow wall paper” the main character struggles due to her husband oppression and she suffers herself until getting mental ill. She is put by her husband on a nursery home to be taking care of, but her fear, anxiety and necessity of communication and comprehension from her husband and with the outside world doesn’t make her any better “I sometimes fancy that in my condition if I had less opposition and more society stimulus-but John says that very worst thing I can do to think about my condition and confess it always makes me feel bad” (507). She is stalwartly hoping to be taken out of the nursery but she had never confronted her husband. “I wish I could get better” (509). “But I most not think about that” (509).The yellow wallpaper found in the character’s bedroom grabbed her attention since she first saw it. She found a resemblance of her life and what the wallpaper represents. She wants to be in her own stated of mind again, but her husband is going to take her physician fro nervous disorder if she doesn’t get better “John says if I don’t pick up faster he shall send me to Weir Mitchell in the fall” (511). She wishes to be cure but her fears to John don’t allow her to have a confrontation with him. She is very afraid of him and as a consequence, she keeps focusing in the wall paper as a way of escaping from that life that she has.
“The Gilded six-bits” is a story of love, infidelity, and pardon. Joe has a modest but cheerful home. Newlywed, he and his wife Missie May have a joyful and unpretentious life; until a polished and stylish stranger enters into their community demolish their marriage. The infidelity and disloyalty is what makes the main character struggles. Missie May have a relationship with an affluent gay that had moved into their neighborhood “Oh Joe, honey, he said he wuz gointer give me dat gold money and he jes’ kept on after me” (1278). That was her excuse for the infidelity. Even though Joe was wounded, he never left his wife, “She loved him too much, but she could not u...

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...” (2047). Norma tries to do weights and heavy work while Leroy has a disable condition. They both struggle trying to find who they really are and what they want to accomplish in their life. Finally, after this life change, they realize that their marriage is now devastated and tried to repair by going away. The struggles that they went through made one of them fainted and Norma finally noticing that her life has nonsense and that she doesn’t really know who she is, tries to kill herself.

The story “Painting Churches”, reveals the story of a complex relationship between a family conformed by aged parent and a young daughter, trying to pursue an artist carrier. While the family tries to move out of their old house, Mags, the young daughter, comes in from Boston to help them move out of the house and at the same she wants to do a portrayal of them “It’s a perfect opportunity. There will be no distractions; you will be completely at my mercy” (2154). When the time goes by in the story, in between wrapping, rhetoric and painting, it begins to survey deeper into the hostility, grudge and misapprehend of the Church family.
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