The weak people are not really powerless

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In McCormick’s Sold, the main character Lakshmi has been sold into the brothel and had experienced the difficult life. After Lakshmi, a seemingly powerless character, endures difficult experiences, she becomes confident, from the help of her friends, to challenge powerful enemies who hurt her, and brave to confront the troubles, because she hopes she can obtain freedom. Lakshmi endures difficult experiences in the brothel and bears the cruel punishments from Mumtaz who rules the brothel with cunning, but she never gives up her hope. Lakshmi is powerless for live in the dangerous city, she is just a little girl from a small village. She tries to depend on Uncle Husband because he has been protected her, and the only person she knows in the strange city, but he betrays her and sells her into a brothel. Lakshmi is depressed, because she finds out the life of the city is not as she imaged. Mumtaz, who controls the brothel with cunning, compels Lakshmi to work. A girl who monitors Lakshmi reminds her, “‘Mumtaz will let you live,’ she says, ‘if you do as Mumtaz says.’”(McCormick 115) However, Lakshmi remembers the warm from her family and the care of her mother. She never gives up hope that prays she can back home, so she resists the work and intends to escape, even though Mumtaz warned her if she tries to escape she will get more risky punishment. Lakshmi is growing up because of the cunning experience that Mumtaz hits her, let her scarred and painfully, and she has no food and no water for five days. Those experiences make her know more about how to live in the strange city and let her become much stronger, so she has already known how these city people cannot believe. She also understands the powerless people can just obey the rules... ... middle of paper ... ...her power. Lakshmi will take her friend Anita to obtain the freedom from the American and defeat the bad woman Mumtaz. However, Anita reminds Lakshmi don’t trust the American, they will have a better life in the brothel than live in the outside world. Lakshmi might change her mind to stay in brothel, but it is not true. In fact, she never changes her mind to find the new life, she even doesn’t think of those things anymore. She follows the American and defeats her enemies Mumtaz because she will live for herself. The weaker people who endure the difficult experiences hope they will obtain freedom. The strong mood can let them change their destiny. It can make them confident to challenge the powerful enemies and brave to confront the difficult trouble. The unknown thing is not scared, the powerful people are not horrible, if you can gain the power from your family.
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