The wars affect on civilization

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This paper is about stuff i know little about. I'm eally just riting this so i can get some stuff for myself. I plan on making contributions to this site at a later time. As for now, I will just type this so as to gain access to the site. As you hav noticed I put one space after each end of sentence period, although most common typing books tell you to use two. That is a bunch of hooey. Well I don't know how many words I have but I need my report stat cuz it's due tomorrow. So, with no further ado, I end my fake essay by saying, goodbye. What is wrong with this paper? Didn't I put enough words in it? It seems like culture and society are words I can use to make my registration complete. It may be that it is too short. Or I might not be using words like exploration or journalism. Some other things it could be are they know this entire report is not real. So therefore, two out of three is not bad. Therefore I will make this long as possible. Apparently you are not truly married. Whoa! I say. This paper has to be 250 words or more. I don't understand it. This is the third time I tried sending it and to my surprise it's not long enough. What more can I do? It's tough writing essays like this man.The communications links of the Internet are also owned and maintained in the same anarchic fashion as the hosts. Each owner of an Internet host is responsible for finding and paying for a communications link that will get that host tied in with at least one other host. Communications links may be as simple as a phone line, a wireless data link such as cellular digital packet data, or as complicated as a high speed fiber optic link. As long as the communications link can use TCP/IP or UUCP, it can fit into the Internet. Thus the net grows with no overall coordination. A new owner of an Internet host need only get permission to tie into one communications link to one other host. Alternatively, if the provider of the communications link decides this host is, for example, a haven for spammers, it can cut this “rogue site” off of the Internet. The rogue site then must snooker some other communications link into tying it into the Internet again.
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