The war on terror

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Ever since the beginning of the terrorist attacks on American soil, the War on Terror has been involved in the lives of Americans and nations near us. The War on Terror’s background originated through conflicts between warring countries in the Middle East; U.S. involvement started when a terrorist guided plane crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 in New York City. The attack was suspected to be the work of the middle-eastern terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The U.S. military, under the leadership of then commander-in-chief George W. Bush, declared a “War on Terror” on the terrorist group and the fighting began.
Over ten plus years human rights and civil liberties have been violated as thousands of innocent of civilians have been killed by drone attacks or even by the U.S. military themselves. Middle Easterners and Muslims have unrightfully been given negative connotations, and even as the conflicts die down they are still facing hate and racism in our country and overseas. And not only has the war and conflicts inflicted damage on other countries, it is hurting ours as well. Hundreds of millions of the taxpayers’ money has been spent on this ongoing war, and thousands of soldiers have died protecting their countries for what they believe to be righteous causes. An endgame does not seem to be close. The War on Terrorism needs to be brought to an end as millions of people are being killed, civil liberties and human rights are being violated, and the costs of the war will continue to rise as there is no endgame in sight.
As in any war, the lives lost are a reminder of how many lives were dedicated to the cause worth fighting for. In this one however more civilian lives were lost than military, although marginally. By...

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