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"The Veldt" Research Paper It is commonly agreed upon that an excess of anything is bad, from dieting to socializing, moderation is key. Ray Bradbury highlights this idea in his short fiction story "The Veldt". Bradbury communicates the dangers of excessive technology through the use of two young middle class children. Kattelman raves, "Bradbury is indeed a skilled writer, who brings together many important literary elements in "The Veldt." The ability to manipulate and combine words for maximum effect is what has set Bradbury apart from many other short story writers." Reviews like this are common when referring to Bradbury; his talent and ability to delve into the psyche of his audience to exploit their dreams and turn them into fears truly makes Bradbury an incredible writer. "The Veldt" is a glimpse into the imminent future. This story sets the scene in a “Happy House”, a revolutionary wonder in technology. This house cooks, cleans, comforts and will even bathe the owner. Such an incredible advancement can not possibly be bad, or so the family originally thinks. This house includes a nursery, a room in which the thoughts of children become a virtual reality on the walls. This incredible sensory experience feels almost too real as the parents soon discover in a visit to the room. Displayed on the walls is a scene from an African Veldt complete with a scorching sun and ferocious lions which seem to feast on some unlucky prey. The images terrify the parents and they seek the immediate help of a psychologist who implores them to shut down the house. In breaking the news to the children, the calm, but stern ten-year-old Peter expresses a vague threat in advising his father not to do so. When the decision to shut down the house is ... ... middle of paper ... is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents." (Bradbury). They do not have the capacity to make adult decisions, however, like the characters from Peter Pan, they feel as though they do not need parents and can handle themselves. This leads them to eliminate what seems to them like a problem, parents. Throughout the story symbolism is a prevailing literary element which allows Bradbury to develop his plot and characters. Foreshadowing is frequently used in "The Veldt" leading up to the final moments of George and Lydia. The first instance of this is when George and Lydia go into the nursery to find the lions feasting on some unknown prey. “Nothing over there I can see but cleaned bone, and the vultures dropping for what's left.” (Bradbury). They may not know it yet, but this scene symbolizes their very demise.

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