The sun shines brightest when turned on

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Energy and the form it comes in, is part of daily functionality. Energy provides society the ability to work and move with purpose, flexibility and efficiency. Conventional energy such as Oil, Coal, Nuclear and Gasoline for example, has made living mobile and productive. The drawbacks from these fuels however are costly and leave high emission levels in the atmosphere. Through innovations and advances in science and technology, energy can be gathered from area’s that are abundant, cost effective and earth friendly. Wind and water are already being used to produce alternate sources of energy. Solar energy is starting to gather more momentum through awareness, manufacturing and competitiveness on global markets. The use of Solar energy though solar panels can revolutionize the way society uses energy for homes, businesses, vehicles and infrastructure. The implementation of solar panels can significantly reduce emissions produced by oil, coal and gas. Solar panels are very cost effective, affordable and reusable. Solar products, like solar panels, can improve the way energy is stored, converted and used while remaining affordable and efficient in ways conventional energy cannot. Solar Energy is abundant and clean for the environment. Unfortunately, many companies are not rushing to install solar products as it can be quite costly to get started. Fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, diesel, nuclear and coal are all competitive on the global markets due to their high demand. These fuels release emissions into the atmosphere that damage the health of the planet. Solar energy, though not new, is not getting adequate momentum to be competitive on the global markets. Michael W. Parker and Purdy Ho expresses how “solar is cost competitive ... ... middle of paper ... slowly but sure becoming a reality. Solar energy and other non-conventional energy sources are answering the energy source deficit. Solar energy has demonstrated their potential in homes, businesses and companies through solar panels and other products, to be affordable, reliable, renewable and safer. Solar panels are affordable and provide the energy needed to surpass the dependency of conventional energy sources. The idea of a better future is here in the present. The news is constantly reporting on the effects of fuels on the earth. Pollution, congestion, air quality and global warming are all prime examples of conventional fuels effects. The ability to change to more reliable sources of energy is now. The generations forward would benefit from the efforts of today to provide the resources needed by finding a new way to turn on the light and getting to work.
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