The search for peace in Northern Ireland is proving to be difficult.What are the main issues that divide this community?

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The search for peace in Northern Ireland is proving to be difficult.

What are the main issues that divide this community?


In this coursework I am going to discuss the violent conflict between

the people of the Province. The violence has been extremely intense. I

am going to look at the ways the different parts of Ireland are

governed. I am also going to give some of my point of view towards

this division and how it can be solved. It is important to discuss the

main issues that divide the two powerful sides which are the

Nationalists and the Unionist.


Who are the Nationalists? What do they stand for?


The Nationalist community wants Northern Ireland to join the southern

part and become a part of the Republican Ireland and they are mostly

members of the Catholic community.

From the 1970s onwards, groups of Irish people began a struggle to

free Ireland from British rule.

The Nationalists are divided into Revolutionary Nationalists and the

Parliamentary Nationalists whom disagree about the ways to achieve

their aims.

The Nationalists who are prepared to use violence are known as

Revolutionary Nationalist. They were developed at the end of the 18th


The United Irishmen was the first Revolutionary organization founded

in 1790; the protestant founder of the organization is still looked

upon as a hero by the modern Republicans.

Several failed armed rebellions that took place between 1798 and 1867.

These rebellions had little support for the ordinary Irish people and

it had a bad effect on the Irish parliament whom had to sit later in

the Bri...

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...of the biggest factors which separate the

two communities. Religion is one of several reasons why the two groups

see themselves as being different from each other and are suspicious

of each other.

King Henry broke with Rome in 1530s when the Pope had refused to grant

him a divorce from his first wife, hence he declared him self to be

‘Supreme Head’ on Earth of the whole Church of Ireland. He also took

charge of the Church in England and Ireland.

Since then, more Protestant ideas were introduced and the Catholic

service of the Mass was banned in Ireland. Most people and especially

the powerful Catholics for example the Pope the King of Spain refused

to accept the Protestant ideas and the new prayers which were in

English, they decided that Elizabeth should be overthrown and replaced

with a Catholic monarch.
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