The role of Control and Automation to saving energy for the future

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A major concern about the future is how to use all required energy without damaging the environment. Along the years, the necessity of electrical energy increases dramatically with the use of technologies and machines to help in daily activities, to work or to have fun. In the Industrial Revolution this process of reduce the workforce to use machines started and, together, the problems with environment. The most energy resource used in the beginning and now is fossil fuel, which is not renewable. Beside the fact it will disappear, it brings a terrible consequence, the pollution. After some years, people started to worry about these issues, electrical and nuclear energies was developed aiming solve the problem. If the energy consumption was a steady line probably these three (fossil fuel, electrical and nuclear) energy resources could be enough for the population, but it is not true. The previsions of use of energy shows that it would not stop rising and to not attack the planet more is using renewable energies like solar, hydro, wind and biomass energy. Despite all difficulties to think about solutions, Control and Automation Engineering provides efficient forms to reduce energy consumption and can foment the use of renewable energy. It is possible because their knowledge implementation reduce the production’s time by controlling and automatizing the process, some apparatus are used to measure and bound wastes of energy in production, intelligent devices choose the best time or way to turn on and turn off a machine, including solar panels. As already said by the name of this engineering, it implements a control and automatize process. Automatize reduces the production’s time because it no longer depends of the operator, who c... ... middle of paper ... ... Methods to keep the energy and to change between electrical or solar energy is available nowadays. It is a simple conditional automatized system that control by the hour, the consumption or other factor the best option to use. In automatized houses, a simple touch in a cellphone can turn off the light that you forgot. The system can adequate the quantity of light should be used comparing with the natural light, can close or open curtains for you. It can be programmed to turn everything off if you closes the door. It can plan the quantity of water is used to watering plants, the best time and the quantity of energy for that. So, everything can be automatized to make life easier than they used to be and to save the planet. Because if a person does not think about the future of the environment, it is better produce machines that are developed thinking in the future.

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