The rise of the west decline of the east

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Historians said that the enlightenment period destroyed the sacred circle. The sacred circle bonded the relationship of the hereditary aristocracy and the leaders of the church. Without that relationship between the church and aristocracy they could not invoke the doctrine “Divine Right of the King . If the king needed extra protection then they would need a sanction from the church. During the enlightenment age the place were critical ideas were founded such as eternity, freedom, democracy and other forms of primary values we hold dear today. Those primary values oppose and go against the divine will of the king and ruins the traditions that our ancestors have already set before us. The establishment of the scientific methodology, capitalism and other things ruin the traditions that were laid out before us. They make us forget where out true values lie. Allowing us only to tolerate and pick and choose from the pool that we were raised with. With the growth of science and politics the spiritual and cultural connection were muddled and people only picked and choose what they wanted to acknowledge from traditions. As well as ignore other key factors that might help out in decision making as well but they seem to hold no value to people. During the sixteen century Europe formed a cycle of population, urbanization and technical growth that shows you how much they advanced during this time. But if we look at the long term perspective it shows that none of the countries in Europe or anywhere else has managed to fully escape the constant changes until the 1800. Europe flourished in the eleventh and twelfth century. Slightly faltering in the thirteenth collapsing in the fourteenth and zooming up to dominate power in the fifteenth cent... ... middle of paper ... ...nous and the arterial systems in the heart was changed with William’s Harvey’s concept that the blood circulated form the arteries to the veins throughout the body. It was all through a never ending cycle throughout the body. The Decline of the East China was on the rise to becoming one of if not the world’s most dominate power in the late 14th century. But all that came to a halt when they stopped developing and advancing their societies. They let Europe far surpass them while they remained stagnant and stuck in their ways. Where Europe and other countries were coming into their own with colonies and governments, China was still stuck under feudal lords’ command. They were not advancing as they should have. As everyone believed they would have. Once Europe started abandoning its faith in the unseen and moving on to logical thinking that’s when it really took off.
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