The relationship between ethics and effective leadership in the current business environment?

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A team is only as good as its leader. Being an effective leader and having an effective leader is very important for an organization. It is important in order for an organization to maintain a good reputation and in order for it to be successful. Being a good ethical leader who sets a good example for the employees is also an effective leader. If a leader leads by a good example he or she will obtain/gain employees trust which is very important, because it’s the employees who help an organization stay in business.
Leaders lead people, and leaders should always do the right things. Most employees tend to look for ethical guidance from others, and a leader within a workplace should therefore be the essential source of such guidance. According to Economy (2013) communication, support and facilitate employees, as well as having integrity are some qualities that make a good leader. Leaders with integrity would make good ethical leaders. According to Gulla (2010) “When acting with integrity, we do what is right – even when no one is watching. People of integrity are guided by a set of core principles that empowers them to behave consistently to high standards. The core principles of integrity are virtues, such as: compassion, dependability, generosity, honesty, kindness, loyalty, maturity, objectivity, respect, trust and wisdom.” (p.19) By having a leader like this you can expect them to keep high standards which could benefit an organization as well as the employees. Leaders can be counted on to do the right things and to demonstrate high standard of ethical and moral conduct. Sometimes being ethical is being effective and sometimes being effective is being ethical. In other words, ethics is effectiveness in some cases. If a le...

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...ou and those involved, or at least you can end up feel good about yourself for doing the right things. People who feel good about themselves produce good results.

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