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Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” attempts to explain the necessary tactics and required knowledge a ruler must attain in order to gain and maintain a successful reign. The novel serves as an abstract manual, addressing the definition of a good/bad ruler by placing emphasis on the required military organization, the character a ruler must posses, and the success that could be attained if a ruler should follow the guide. The scope in which the book is written is that of a scholarly observant. Machiavelli places his findings and observations of history, as well as the needs of the people so the information may serve the prince as a tool, that once implemented will create and maintain a powerful state.

The guide places a particular emphasis on the prerequisites of a good ruler. Arguing that a ruler must “...make himself both loved and feared by his subjects, followed and respected by his soldiers,.... be severe yet loved, magnanimous and generous...”(28) these are the qualities ingrained in imploring a successful military, balancing cruelty and generosity, and forming successful alliances. By addressing the issues and concerns of the people and that of the state, Machiavelli reveals the shift between a good ruler and a bad ruler. The guide demonstrates the good by exemplifying the bad done by past rulers, then judging and criticizing their handles on the military, cruelty vs generosity deplored, and the treatment of their alliances.

One of the most important institutions in which Machiavelli places emphasis on in “The Prince” is in the management of a military force. Machiavelli starts by emphasizing that one “...cannot have good laws without good arms.”(40) therefore how a ruler manages his military is essential in defining ...

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... rather than to be used and trumped over, a wiser choice is to be the miser.

In the letter from Niccolo Machiavelli to Lorenzo de Medici, it is clear that there is an “end justifies the means” the purpose of this book serves a greater purpose. The means, are the examples and the advice given by Machiavelli. The over all goal of creating “The Prince” is in establishing control power and forming a calculated was to rule. This booklet organizes the necessary information, in understanding what will define a good ruler. Serving a guide to success, a success that has been laid out and now has to only be grabbed by the right man. Machiavelli uses many examples of the glories of Rome, to really get back to the unity and prominence that once filled Italy. “The Prince” serves as a address to all that the world that we can do better, and therefore we should do better.
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