The power of a last name

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My alarm started to blare in my ear jerking me awake from another nightmare filled night, I looked over at the clock groggily as the angry red numbers pulsed in my face. My body felt heavy with sleep as I dragged myself into a sitting up position, Lily was still asleep next to me her young face peacefully glowing. I leaned over kissing her forehead as I slung myself out of the bed my feet hitting the cold tile flooring, a shiver ran up my legs and I stood up. It was far to early but I had to get both Lily and Robert for school then get my happy self off to work at the book store. I went into the shower and started up the hot water the steam billowing from the shower head.
I stripped off my loose fitting pajamas leaving them in a heap on the floor and stepped into the shower. The hot water ran over my body filling my tightened muscles with relief, I scrubbed my hair harshly trying to hurry as I got out of the shower. I dried myself off and found myself some jeans and a soft cotton t-shirt, I raked my comb through my hair pulling hard at knotts. I french braided it tightly before going back into my bedroom and crawled on the floor to my bed trying to dig out my beaten up pair of converse.
“ Lily… come on, it’s time for school,” I gently shook her awake watching her large coco brown eyes open.
“ No… too early…” She whined rolling over and getting herself out of bed, “ Do you have to go to work today Anna?”
I nodded a bit sadly, “ Sorry sweet. But, I’ve got to go.”
She sighed and went over to the small walk in closet that we had converted into a bedroom for my little six year old brother. It tore at my heart everytime I watched them get ready for school, or when they get ready to go to bed at night that there is no possible way for...

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... wasn’t early to work because of it I thought it was worth spending the time with her.
I painstakingly braid the crown around her head careful to make sure it wasn’t to tight that it would hurt her head but also made sure that it wasn’t falling out. Since Lily’s hair is already naturally curly I touched it up slightly with my curling iron before we decided to head out the door. We lived in the Macarthur Park area, the housing was cheap but the crime was terrible, I was always concerned letting them walk to school by themselves so I made sure that I walked them to school myself everyday. Finally we were all fed and ready to go, I slipped a hunting knife into my pocket before grabbing my satchel like purse my keys in hand. Lily had a firm hold of Jack’s hand as we stepped out in the grungy hallway and I locked our door tightly before taking a hold of Jack’s free hang.
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