The plagues in England

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In England there were three specific plagues that i will be talking about, they are the bubonic plague “The Black Death”, pulmonary plague and the pneumonic plague. These plagues were really interesting to read about. They were so bad that many people died from them. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with the people since there was that much new technology in the thirteenth century.
The black death was a deadly epidemic that was spread from Asia to Europe by twelve trading ships that were at the port of Messina after a long expedition through the Black Sea in the thirteen hundreds by October. People who congregated on the docks to greet the people saw that most of the people on board were dead, and the people who were still barely alive were incompletely ill. The people that survived were covered in weird black boils that make blood and pus, so they gave their illness its name: the “Black Death.” The black death was a disease caused by an infectious bacterium. “The black death was the second pandemic of plague in history” (World Book B2 289). By 1400, the Black death killed forty percent of the population of Europe. To estimate that, that’s around twenty-five million people. They think the Black Death came from central Asia. The disease had reached the black sea port of Feodosiya, Ukraine. By 1347 it then spread along trade routes to western Asia, North Africa, and southern Europe. Later that year the plague then struck in Sicily. A lot of death tolls were then announced that year. The plague then hit London in 1348. Soon after that Scandinavia and Russia were struck with the plague. After so many centuries, the outbreak got worse and went throughout Europe. During that time, the physicians didn’t know what the cause ...

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...le of fruit in the streets had been forbidden, because of the risk of plague” (John M. Barry ) . In my opinion im glad I didn’t die from theses horrible plagues. I feel bad for the people who did because that isn’t right how they died. These plagues were very horrible and sad. I can just imagine how much people died from this because it was everywhere literally in England. I wish back then the doctor's knew what it was and could cure it right away so that way so many people couldn't have died from it.

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