The partition of Africa

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What was the scramble for Africa and how did it impact the continent of Africa? The scramble for Africa was a result of European countries trying to colonize Africa. The goal of many European countries was to attain as much land on the continent of Africa as possible. They wanted the land to further benefit European countries economically, culturally, and politically. In the process, the people of Africa were forgotten and not taken into consideration.

A majority of Africa experienced imperialism. Imperialism is the practice of a country increasing its own power by gaining control of other land around the world. European countries struggled to gain control of Africa. Their mission was to partition Africa and take its natural resources. European countries wanted to successfully partition Africa and co-exist with each other. European countries wanted Africa for reasons such as imperialism and trade.

The main reason for the colonization of Africa was to gain additional land. Europeans wanted the land because with land came various opportunities. Europeans wanted to spread the beliefs of Christianity. They also wanted to get slaves and free labor from the people of Africa. Another reason was to build resting ports to make trade to Asia easier and more efficient. European countries wanted to conquer Africa in order to meet the high demand for valuables such as gold and diamonds. They also desired a place to send criminals and the mentally challenged. Military and Naval bases were needed as well. As a result of various countries trying to colonize Africa many benefits followed suit, however, many problems arose as well.

Along with the partition of Africa, came many complications. For example, weather patterns were ...

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... were forced to plant cash crops. Also, many good aspects came with the partition of Africa. The Europeans provided the people of Africa with railroads between towns and villages. When European cultures brought Christianity to Africa, they taught Africans math, science, and European languages. Although the partition of Africa caused a numerous amount of problems for Africa, it also brought wonderful technological advancements that modernized Africa.

There were many driving forces behind the scramble for Africa, European imperialism being one of them. The partition of Africa resulted in many changes to the continent of Africa. Economically, European countries colonized for trade purposes and natural resources. Culturally, they wanted to spread the beliefs of Christianity and portray a sense of national pride. Politically, they also wanted more land.
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