The nature of Evil

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The nature of man is truly a mystery. It is widely questioned if man is born good or bad. This is also one of the themes of William Golding’s book, Lord of The Flies. Through the book, the author tries to give the perspective of the community through a small group of young boys who are situated on an island after a plane crash. The boys start out pure but in the end, their evil spirit conquers their soul and mind. However, it seems that we are born neutral, and our behavior is determined by our upbringing and our external environment. When a baby is born, it is a harmless being without knowledge of good or evil. When a baby comes to our world, it has not yet perceived the meanings of good and bad. This meanings will be understood by the child when it is given its education. It will then be decided if it will make good choices in his life, or bad ones. Nobody is born and is already decided that he will do beneficial actions or atrocious ones. Nobody has the “beast” inside him, or the gift of the Holy Spirit, that makes him sinless. For example, a baby will not distinguish a person because of his clothing style. For a baby, it does not matter if a person is dressed in a suit, or in old and timeworn clothes. For the baby, both of them are equal. Additionally, a baby will not distinguish between races. If a baby had in front of him an African-American and a European it would not run away for the African-American because he is thought to be a criminal. All these examples support the fact that man is naturally born neutral. A big impact on or behavior has the way we were brought up and our choices in terms of close friends. Family and friends play an important role to our behavior. The principles with which our parents brought us up a... ... middle of paper ... ...h acts as well. Recently, many singers which are displayed on the television, seem to dress immodestly and in unethical ways. Many young teenagers, especially girls, like to impersonate these singers. A good example of a role model that is displayed on the television is when a charity organization donates money to an orphanage or homeless people, which puts us in thoughts and encourages us to do a good action for the people that have needs. In a nutshell, man is born neutral and his actions decide if he is good or bad. These actions are influenced by the upbringing and the environment the person lives in and also the role models the society promotes. Having correct principles and being raised in a normal environment will lead towards good behavior, while the opposite can lead to extreme behavior. One is sure, though; the nature of man is, and will remain a mystery.

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