The music educators discoarse community

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The Music Educators Discourse Community

As a musician you are exposed to many different types of terminology, ideas, debates and concepts most people are not. There are Interest and topics that we find appealing like the different language that we use to communicate with each other, are very different from someone that is heavily invested in other activities likes sports or even knitting . With these differences we have formed our own social group. The definition of an music educator is a field that touches on all domains of learning, including the psychomotor domain, the cognitive domain, and, in particular and significant ways, the affective domain, including music appreciation and sensitivity In our community we strive to achieve the goals set in this definition and also to move forward in our advancement of music in the world
The Swales article is based off a discourse community. According to this articles a discourse community is a group of people who share a set of discourses, understood as basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals. As a young musician, I can definitely see the transformation I have made as have surrounded myself with people who are similar to me. Although I am not a certified music educator I still feel apart of this community because you do not need a certification to call yourself a music educator just a love and passion to spread the knowledge of music.Inside of the musician discourse we have several branches, from choir to instrumentalist to contemporary musicians. I, myself am a part of the instrumentalist group. As instrumentalist, a lot of our conversations are centered around Marching band from july until about November and then Concert Band for the rest of t...

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...thers is our love and drive for music, with a vision that goes beyond the average persons thoughts on music. As a progressing music educator, A cheesy phrase that a lot of us use is “ music has to choose you you can’t choose music” and I believe it is true there are a lot of people that try to make music before them but it does not work unless they have the drive and will to practice for hours at a time just to get a 4 min pieces up to where it may be performance ready or to be the person that will sit with a child sounding like a dying duck just to help them succeed at something they want to do because you know in the long run even though sitting there is hard to do the student will someday be a musician and may be the one to change music forever. I can now see myself becoming more and more like my community and appreciating my surroundings and people even more.

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