The most unkind cut

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What if I were to tell you that a new trend is being practiced in the United States by the parents of newborn baby boys, wherein they are giving the children nose jobs so that they can look more like their father, or that the parents are cutting off the earlobes of the babes so that they can be cleaner? What if you had just given birth to a beautiful, cooing baby girl and the nurse walked in and cheerfully asked if you’d like to mutilate her genitalia before her noon feeding. In either one of those situations, no doubt you’d be disbelieving and outraged at such a suggestion! But everyday thousands of babies across the United States suffer a similar fate when their parents decide that a baby boy should not have a foreskin and so they practice routine circumcision. Circumcision, put simply, is cosmetic surgery, in that it involves changing the appearance of your child’s body for aesthetic reasons. The United States is the only country in the world that routinely practices the circumcision of their newborns. Across the globe elsewhere, circumcision is rarely practiced unless there is a medical or religious reason to do so. Here in the U.S., the vast majority of parents opt to have the procedure done, although the number of parents refusing the pointless procedure is on a rapid rise. Most parents typically don’t think about circumcision as an issue while they shop for cribs and have baby showers and select names…it’s just something you “do� if you have a son, so when asked in the hospital after the delivery if they want their child circumcised, they blindly accept the procedure without questioning it’s purpose. However, in the future when asked why they decided to go through with it, the most common reasons given to justify the procedure might surprise you. When asking my friends why they decided to circumcise their sons, the most common reasoning is that so the child can “look like daddy.� They don’t want the child to feel or look different than his father, brother or peers and be teased. Is this really a problem? Do men really sit around comparing how they look and then teasing the ones who look different? No, of course not. And what sort of justification is this anyway, to look like their daddy. Nobody will ever walk up and say, “Oh how cute….
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