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Carson McCullers's The Member of the Wedding tells the adolescence struggling of 12 year old Frankie, who starts to feel that she is no longer a child anymore. However she does not quite feel like a grown young woman either. Frankie has been in a constant state of uneasiness and discontent since the spring and this state of mind of hers reaches to its peak in summer. She spent her summer wandering around the arbor thinking about life and the purpose of her being, watching older teenage girls both envying both despising and hanging out in the same old kitchen, playing cards with her 6 year old cousin John Henry and her housekeeper, Berenice.
One of the main themes of this novel is the discomfort of adolescence. Frankie occasionally fantasizes herself in the world of adult people - joining the army, going to Hollywood to be a movie star- ; noises from the outside, which children make while playing irritates Frankie. She refers to those children “‘just a lot of ugly silly children.’” Her father once tells her that summer that she was too old to sleep with him and this makes her insecure and anxious about maturing. While she is so eager to be a grown up, she still has all those childish fears. The intimacy she used to share with her father is now gone, and since her mother has died when she was born, she does not have any woman, a motherlike figure other than the housemaid, Berenice.
While she wishes so much to grow up her almost only friend is a boy who is half her age. John Henry sometimes offers Frankie to play outside with other kids, he tries to make her feel comfortable with this idea by telling her "...They sound like they are having a mighty good time". However she refuses to go out every single time. The interest...

... middle of paper ... drive away without taking her after the wedding, her dreams and hopes shatter. Again she feels detached, because the only thing that looks promising about her uncertain future is now gone. She feels empty inside and decides to run away but on the way she confronts with the harsh realities of the outside world and cannot manage to escape.
In the end of the novel, we see that some time has passed since that summer and Frankie now is thirteen. With the dead of a beloved, close friend-John Henry- she comes down to earth from her inner world of confusions and inquiries. She sees nothing is more serious and sudden than death and this leads her to make a stride toward the way of womanhood. She makes a new friend and starts to feel more comfortable about herself. In the end, all she needed was some human connection and to feel that her existence matters in some way.

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