The medicine before & now

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The medicine before & now

Medicine has changed a lot from the past until now, but it is still considered in the field of health care.Medicine these days has changed a lot because of advances in technology.Medicine in the past was dependent on man knowledge and experience not in specialized knowledge as with new medicine. New medicine depends on the study of biology and cell life history. There is a similarity between medicine now and in the past e.g. The principle, the concept and the belief. They are different in the way of diagnoses, medical equipment, medication and the way of treatment.
In the past and present,when people got sick they would go to a doctor to treat them so it’s the same concept of medicine, now and in the past when you got sick you would go to a doctor not to a baker, for example.Principles of medical ethics are still similar like doctors should do the best they can do to treat people. Doctors believe that every soul is sacred and should be saved.
Medical equipment
These days medical equipment has developed a lot for instance the syringe has been changed, before it was made of metal and glass, but now it is made of plastic. Before they would use the same syringe because, of the material that's it was made of, so they would have to boil it to sterilize it, but now it is made of plastic and it's for one time use.

Before if someone had an accident, and some of his internal organs got damaged it was hard to fix this, but these days it has improved because of advanced equipment. If doctors need to make surgery and they need to make a very small surgical incision they would use laser. On the other hand, in past some people died because the wound was made worse by using a blade. Now, if someone broke his ...

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...consents for more effectiveness and to cure disease in a short time so medication has been improved to the better. So we can say that medication has been improved and developed.
In conclusion, as we can see medicine has developed in many ways such as in using new methods to diagnoses of illnesses. Inhibit pandemic diseases from spreading worldwide by using vaccine and find the outbreak of it. Also, medical equipment has developed to provide the maximum benefit and to prevent infections that's caused by sharing the same tools with every patient. However, medicine before and now still expected to provide health care by using the necessary process. Maybe in futures medical equipment, method ......etc. will develop to provide better health care but, will still as the same of past and present medicine because it will have the same aim which, is better life better health.
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