The many heros of our day

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The Many Heroes Of our Day Heroes, since the time they were first written and recorded heroes have been the ones to set the example and uphold the morals and beliefs of the people. There have been, in general, three key ages of heroes: Anglo-Saxon Age, Middle age, and Modern age. They all have changed throughout time to fit the ways of the culture in each of their time period. The different characters that were written about, all went through different journeys and different quests according to what was considered “entertainment” during that age, but all kept the same basic morals, no matter the age. In the Anglo-Saxon age, the heroes were out for fame and glory; they wanted nothing more but to be remembered in fame, fortune, and their loyalty to the king.. In the story Beowulf, it says “ ….had been served as he’d boasted he’d serve them: Beowulf, a prince of the Geats, had killed Grendel...” (Beowulf pg. 24 lines 119-120). It is clearly sated that he boasted about his victory in killing Grendel. It was not a humble action he had done, but one to gain more fame and glory and to emphasize his victory. “And then, in the morning, crowds surrounded Herot, warriors coming to that hall from faraway lands…” (Beowulf pg. 24 lines 127- 129) The people would come all around and give these heroes exactly what they wanted, fame. The knights of the time did the good deeds, and in return got what they wanted. The Anglo-Saxons had nothing more to do with the...

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