The magical butterfly

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I see it everywhere these butterflies that are stinging my people especially the people with colorful hair. I have been telling my nobleman and my knights this for over a month they have assured me that the stinging butterflies don't exist and have been eliminated a long time ago but the problem is ,I see them. Have I gone mad? I certainly hope I'm nothing of this sort. I just want solutions, so I have summoned all the peasants with colorful hair in my court and asked my chivalrous knights to ask each of the pesants if they have been stung,if not I have surely gone mad. The knights reported that the peasants say nothing has ever stung them and that my kingdom Arxai has been a wonderful place for them to live in ,but I'm no fool, or am I ? I know at least one person has seen it so I asked my nights to bring me the person most colorful hair of all. She looked stunning and had the most amazing smile she was spectacular in every way.I knew it was destined to be right there and then. I asked her "have you been stung" she replied very softly " yes your highness I have" and ...
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