The lost Caste

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"Though experts increasingly recommend a diet high in plants and low in animal products and processed foods, ours is quite the opposite, and there's little disagreement that change it could improve our health and save tens of millions of lives." What will help us change the way we eat? What speech or moving moment would change out children's minds on the foods we ingest.Mark Bittman brings up this vital question in his article "Bad food? Tax it, and subsidize vegetables. He suggests that we tax the " health-damaging food", he is a firm believe that doing his will turn people from these choices while pumping money into Americas economy. But what Bittman over looks is the anger that would ensue from the newly high prices for soda ad candy.America has become addicted to those cheap and convenient foods, and would fight tooth and nail for there fix just like an addict would for their next high. Bittmans idea sounds great on paper but acted out would face extreme scrutiny and arguments. The way we approach this never ending problem is very important, so force and ultimatums won't work. In this day an age we are having another growing problem, one that might be even bigger than the obesity epidemic.Resopsiblity, we are blaming everyone an thing except for ourselves. The article "Attacking the obesity epidemic by first figuring out its cause." By Jane E. Brody is a prime example of the blame game that is happening. To me this is just as helpful as sitting in a lightless room cursing the dark instead of doing something about it, once we look in the mirror we should be able to decide if we want to countinue to eat fattening and harmful foods while knowing then results of our actions. In the effort to curve our eating habits the school... ... middle of paper ... ...hey deem right for them. In the process of this solution, health classes should focus more on the benefits of eating a moderate portion of fatty and sugary foods with healthy options. I strongly believe and support the idea that giving teens and kids the facts about there foods and lots of options creates a generation filled with adults that can act and think for themselves while taking responsibility for there actions. It has been all to prescient that we are beginning to blame other and outside forces for our weight gain and unhealthy diets, instead of looking at ourselves to blame. This doesn’t mean the people who are advertising foods that are bad for your health with false facts aren’t apart of it but they are only a piece of the problem. By teaching our generation about moderation and to be conscious of our eating choices is a way to get this “epidemic” fixed.
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