The life of a foreign student

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First of all, I would like to give a definition of a foreign student. A foreign student is a warrior, someone who fights to accomplish his goals and by means of it leaves his life behind to start a new life in order to follow his dreams. The life of a foreign student has its hard times and the only motivation you have is at the end that will give you benefits in the best education. I am one of these foreign students and I would like you to take a walk with me in my life, “Welcome.”

In the beginning, everything was a lot different than what I was used to. It was a completely new life and the butterflies in my stomach left me to realize that I was by myself. I did not even know how to communicate with the people properly. I was without the people that I love and sometimes I need that unconditional love. The love my family would give to me was what I needed the most on these dark days. The main effect that affects me the most is the fact that I do not live with my parents at their house anymore. Which means that I do not enjoy its commodities. It was so good when my mom cooked for me or when she made my bed. When my dad took me to school and when I returned to my room and made myself completely comfortable. But becoming a foreign student means that you will live in a dormitory or that you will rent an apartment. That’s exactly what happened to me. I live in a dormitory and usually I have to take care of dirty dishes, messy room, and cooking. I had to learn how to do many things: like how to cook several dishes. In a few words, I definitely learned how to be independent.

I find myself feeling somewhat lonely, since I arrived in a new city where I do not know a lot of people. It could be better if one of my friends ...

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...w to live in harmony with others, how to do things by myself, how to move to other places, how to cook, how to speak English, etc.

Leaving my house and going to another city to study is an experience that cannot be compared to any other experience in my life. I learned how to be independent and I have met people from different countries. I learned a new culture and a new language. It is somewhat difficult to live without my parents in another city, but it makes me learn how to live my life better and how to appreciate what I have, like my parents and my belongings. Besides, I got to appreciate the things I achieved during my life because I learned that goals are not achieved easily, but that they cost a lot of work and effort. The reason I chose this subject was to describe the life of a foreign student. In conclusion, being a foreign student is great.
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