The increasing of the Minimum Wage

It has been said that we live in an era where people are looking for more increasing on everything, and the look for that every single day. One of the most political issues that are noticeable in 2014 is the minimum wage. A few weeks ago, President Obama talked about increasing the minimum wage. The minimum wage is 7.5, and he wants to increase this number around 10.10. There is no doubt this news could bring a lot of happiness to huge number of people, and at the same time, it would rise up some social or economic problems. Although this news about increasing of the minimum wage sounds as major news for all people who have works, some ones might totally disagree with that. It is a matter of fact that no one would refuse an increasing of their work salary, but at the same time, some people would not approve this a point of view. No one would ever deny that increasing of his or her money is something that has been sought for a long time. Everyone, who has a full time job or even a part time one, has been looking for that. For an example, if someone has to work for more than seven hours a day and his or her minimum wages are around 7.5 dollars, would that be fair for them? Increasing of the minimum wage would make a lot of people lives easier. It would make employees work more satisfied and do their best in order to fulfill their jobs. Another example is when a person gets bonus, he or she would feel so happy, and that would make him or her appreciate what they are doing. It is a matter of fact that life needs have become more expensive than ever, and they become harder to get. For an instance, getting a nice apartment or a nice car has become so difficult to everyone whose minimum wage is around ... ... middle of paper ... ... income. For a father or a mother who is responsible to put bride on the family table, it is hard to them to find another job if they lost their. There is on one wants his or her job to be in risk. One of the most reasons that some one of these people would disagree with idea of the increasing of the minimum wage is most of the companies would rely on technology instated of them. Although that technology makes our lives better and easier, it could cause others jobs. If we go to some supermarkets, we will see that these supermarkets have replaced human cashers with computers that can do the same job. What these people points at is a lot of companies would replace them with technology in order to make their economies status better. If these companies had to pay more to people, they are going to come up with technology that will not cost them anything in salary wise.
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