The importance of Presidential Leadership Academy

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Why do you want to be a member of the President's Leadership Academy? I would like to become a member of the Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA) because I am determined to be a successful student at Elmhurst College. The program is focused on helping students, like me, who need academic support and guidance. In order to reach my best, I will need the friends, mentors, teachers, and advocates who I would be fortunate to meet in the Academy. The PLA will prepare me to be self-reflective as I continue to become a more thoughtful person. I consider myself a leader and an independent thinker, I am aware that I have much to learn about how to be a responsible, productive, and successful leader. The PLA would show me how to take the initiative when I have a good idea and yearn to put it into action. When I enter the workplace or join a club or organization, I want to have the leadership skills that help me, my peers, and society. I believe that becoming a member of the PLA at Elmhurst College will change the path of my life. I think that it would help me in ways I cannot even imag...

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