The holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit….. So how do we explain the Holy Spirit? As cadets we have been sitting in class learning about what the Holy Spirit is and during this I discovered that I am very very lucky.
Let me explain….Being a ‘grown up’ I can look back on things and see what was happening to me way back when……Now at school I was ok at maths, UNTIL we got to algebra! I just could not get it. It wasn’t clear; I couldn’t picture any reason around it or any purpose for it. So after a while I stopped doing maths and took another topic. That’s a bit of a shame in hindsight, because now I find myself with a 17 year old doing year 11 maths!
So given that I couldn’t get algebra I consider myself extremely blessed to have accepted – almost without thought – the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the essence of God, the cleansing of God. How wonderful is that, the essence of God.
I looked up Holy Spirit on Google (as you do) and from what I found I have made a list of what the Holy Spirit is and does
The Holy Spirit…. Works in us and for us, guides us, testifies and glorifies of Christ, leads us, fills us, teaches us, washes and renews, brings unity, sets us free, gives joy, moves us, comforts us and enables us to change.
Now the Holy Spirit does a whole lot more, but the strong point is that the Holy Spirit joins together our God for us. Without the Spirit we would not be able to make the changes in our lives that God wants us to make, that we need to make.
We are going to hand out some symbols of the Holy Spirit and during the next few minutes I ask you to pray to the Holy Spirit and write done what you feel you are being asked to change. This is private and just for you. It’s a personal time for you to talk with God and allow his presence to be with ...

... middle of paper ... like we need to have someone work on our soul. The soul is too hard for us to fix alone you need expert, that expert is the Holy Spirit.
How, how does this happen? Today the Holy Spirit could come as it did all those years ago to Jesus’ Disciples, but in the Bible it tells us that He works in a different way. Today the Holy Spirit comes to you through the quiet, humble preaching of the Word. No flames, no wind…but inside you all kinds of changes are taking place.
Today the Holy Spirit works in you as you spend time with the Word, it enters your heart and burns away the timidness and confusion, it is there as you pray and as you share the Word with others. That fire becomes the fire of faith. That’s how the Holy Spirit changes. The fire is in each of us and with the Holy Spirit we can fan that fire, continue to change and fan the fire into flame. Flame for God.
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