The holocaust

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The Holocaust is known as the mass murder of approximately 6 million Jews during World War II throughout German territory. This genocide was sponsored by the Nazi-Germans, led by Adolf Hitler. These persecutions were carried out in various stages, the final stage is known as “The final solution of the Jews.” Many methods were executed by the Nazi’s to strip Jews of their rights such as establishing laws, concentration camps where they would work until they died, resulting in the genocide of the Jewish people. These concentration camps executed the most extreme form of power and bureaucracy where everyone was forced to obey one persons order, Adolf Hitler. The primary document “The Commandant of Auschwitz” by Rudolf Hoess demonstrates the span of horror faced by the Jews and those detailed to work the concentration camps by the Nazi regime during what is known as the final solution to the Jewish question.
The Holocaust is described my Winston Churchill as “the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world” (Gartner 347). The struggle for the Jews began in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, and ended in 1949, with the truce between Jewish States and its Arab invaders (Gartner 347). Historians describe the events carried out during the Holocaust as the most evil, quivering the imagination of the world, and vicious acts ever imposed on a group of people. The beginning of these killings were marked by the execution of 32,000 Polish Jewish soldiers and the imprisonment of another 61,000 whom were also murdered, after the Germans crushed Poland in a time period of three weeks. These murders marked the beginning of the Jewish genocide. Concluding these events, the Nazi’s focused on persecuting the Jews...

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...ccasions, Hoess himself had to appear heartless and as if what they were doing was correct in order to have his subordinate continue their tasks. Hoess states, “I had to do all this because I was the one to who everyone looked, because I had to show them all that I did not merely issue the orders and make the regulations but was also prepared myself to be present at whatever task I had assigned to my subordinates” (Mendes-Flohr 782).
In conclusion, based on Rudolf Hoess’ “Commandant of Auschwitz, one is able to see the effect that these concentration camps and massacres had on those who performed them. Many of these soldiers, if not most, committed these acts with fear that if they did not do them, they would be put to death. The Holocaust is the most inhumane crime ever committed for both those who carried out the killings and for the Jewish people.
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