The history of Photography

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Photography is the art or practice of taking and developing photographs, this process started in the early 1400s when pictures were taken only with pin hole openings in a dark area. They recorded by taking pictures with this method and the outcome was that the images were more clear. This was called camera obscura, when paper would be inserted into a dark box and afterwards the outlines would be traced by an artist. This was the first known element of a working camera.
A pinhole camera had a little hole that is placed in the front of the camera and covered by the shutters. The little hole replaces the lens of the camera and captures the picture on photo paper when placed inside. Pinhole cameras can be any size from small or large and can be made from most common household objects like peanut cans, cereal boxes, or cookie containers or they can be built out of wood or metals. The pictures you develop with pinhole cameras come out to be less sharp and softer than if you would use a regular camera. Pinhole cameras were the very first type of camera invented and ever since then has been helping inventors create new ways to make a camera more effective.
The first steps toward developing pictures started in the early 1800s, when experiments were done by taking light sensitive material and coat it on paper and attempt to create images. Daguerreotype image cleared up problems with preventing the pictures from fading. Although the image would remain permanent it was sometimes still lost to the cause of chemicals. Exposure time was cut greatly with a turn of events and the process was finished enough so that it could be used commonly and photo studios began to develop and people who wanted could get their photographs taken and...

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Photography plays an important role in our everyday life and we might not even realize it because of how common it is. We have cell phones, computers, and other devices that have cameras built into it because everyone loves taking pictures of themselves. When photography first started hardly anyone had a part of it or maybe couldn't afford to get pictures because only professionals could take the pictures, but now in todays society we are based around photos, we need photos for our drivers licence and other forms of ID. We use it for social websites and to easily show people their experiences or special things that happened with a click of a button. There are also apps and software to edit and change the photos to how people desire them to be showing how far photography has come from the early 1800s which all started from a simple an idea and a pinhole camera.

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