The great war

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Who is to blame? “The blame for WWI must firmly lie with Germany. Her aggressive leadership and militaristic attitude meant an avoidable war became unavoidable.” In the early 20th century. Europe was a region which had many power house countries who competed to be the best. These countries included Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary. Whilst all these countries fought to be the best they didn’t realise what it would lead to, that was a World War. This war formed from years of tensions and little battles. Whilst many say “The blame must firmly lie with Germany” other countries such as Austria-Hungary, Russia, France and Britain all had some involvement in a dispute before World War 1. Since the late 19th century and early 20th century, there has been major tension within Europe. With many countries making alliances, building up better and stronger navies or armies and fighting over land was all recipe for disaster and ultimately led to a World War. In 1871 when Germany unified, many tensions grew in Europe as other countries such as Russia and France saw this young power house country coming through. Germany was not only wealthy, it was industrialized, had lots of resources, a very strong economy and a few years after unification became one of the super power countries. This made other European powers such as Britain, France and Russia threatened. Whilst all of this his made some tension, the tension built greatly when Germany made a triple alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1882. Germany did this because they felt threated by France, Russia and Britain who were surrounding Germany. Whilst Germany had a reason for this alliance, the other power house countries such as Britain, France and Russia saw this ... ... middle of paper ... ...ilst Archduke Franz Ferdinand was on a Royal visit in Bosnia, a group of pro independent terrorists called The Black Hand Group assassinated the Archduke. They made the attack because Bosnia was recently annexed by Austria and Franz Ferdinand was next in line to the throne. Thus they wanted to kill the man who was next in line for the throne. After this attack Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and this was what started the war. Why this started the war was because the Russians were backing up Serbia so when Austria attacked Serbia, Russia came. Historians call this the “domino affect” because when Russia entered the war, Germany followed, then France, then Italy and lastly followed by Britain. After this the war was in full swing and many say it was Austria’s fault for the war, but other historians say it was the events before this which also lead to war.
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