The fire

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As I approached my street I smelled the odor of burnt wood. When I turned the corner I saw the glow of fire truck sirens and the growing crowd of neighbors emerged whenever an unfortunate event occurred. I automatically started running without any thought as I got closer to my house I felt that feeling of impending doom. When I reached my house I saw it no longer existed and in its place stood smoldering rubble. I looked up and saw my uncle talking to a police officer as he turned to me he said, “Come here son”. I stepped closer towards him and the officer; I knew I had to prepare myself for bad news. My uncle put his arm around me and held me tight and said, “I don’t know how to tell you this but your grandmother and grandfather did not make it”. After hearing those words from my uncle, I tuned everything out around me and stared at the smoldering rubble that once served as my home. My grandparents always hold a special place in my heart they raised me nearly my entire life. In my mind I replayed the fondest memories of my upbringing. I could see my grandmother singing as s...

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