The false light

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Days go bye and it seems like an eternity. The sun has yet to shine upon my face. The only light I get is the one I work for. The light created by my hand, my power. Nobody can take that away from me. A false light, it feeds upon any happiness and hope I have. It created the girl or thing currently inhabiting my body. I knew it was slowly killing me, but I went after it like a moth to a flame. It was an addiction I couldn’t get enough of.
My power
My addiction
My cry for help

Alena slinked past the guards, careful to keep her breathing quiet and her footsteps light. She didn’t want to get caught afterall. Not with the amount of money those folks were kind enough to offer her. Quickly making her way towards the bedroom window of her targets window, she, with extreme caution, set to break in. The moon shined behind her, removing any and all shadows. She was without a place to hide if someone were to see her. She needed to be done. Letting out a silent cheer when the window unlocked, she looked back at her surroundings to make sure nobody could see. Her breaths as silent as the still night, she crept towards her target laying upon the bed. The moon light trickled into the room, anxious to see what she would do. Her eyes rested upon the man laying upon the bed. His even breaths, and quiet snoring showed his unconscious status. He would giggle occasionally, his dreams treating him well. She envied him. Her dreams were never as kind.
She took in his form and came closer, her breath fanning his exposed face. He didn’t react. He was so relaxed it disgusted her. With precision born from many nights partaking in such an activity, Alena sliced the man's throat. No blood reached her or the floor. It was a clean job and Alena was quick to ...

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... down around here.
Oh how she wished the rained cleansed her. The rain did nothing more than soak her clothes. She liked to imagine it did more than that though. It would seep past her bones and wash away her sins. Maybe it would even make her a good girl. God likes good girls.
She began to walk aimlessly, no destination in mind. The hotels were closed at this hour. A bitter chuckle escaped her mouth. She would need to find shelter for tonight. A tree would do nicely, she couldn’t have people spot her. It would cause unwanted attention. She climbed up the first tree she spotted. Its trunks not as safe as she would like but she endured. Sitting against the tree, she began to breathe in and out slowly, slipping into a meditative state. She never truly slept for she was afraid of what would happen. It left her too vulnerable. She would remain this way until sunrise.

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