The facts of eating Poop!!!!!!!!

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The Facts of Eating PooP

Have you ever wondered what it would do to you if you ever ate your poop or someone elses. Chances are you will die a day or two after eating poop. According to the national scientists organization where they test on collage students who are looking for quick money say that after their first thirteen sets of tests they began to realize that their test subjects also refered as humen lab mice say that eating poop has a very negative effect on your body. The effects range from eating stomick worms to death. So the nationa scientists organization reconmends that humans never ever ever ever eat any type of poop and when i sayu type i mean type because animal feces has a just as worse effect on the human and mice body as well. We know it has a bad effect on mice because all the mice that were forced to eat the various types of human and animal fecces/ poop died exactly 1 hour after ingesting the nasty poop.A case has been made where a mother of a son who participated in this very stupid and dumb experiment died went to court and the mother lost acording to the libertysos lastanes news paper in a forbineded island. The mother did not win due to the document signed bt the sun saying that he aggreed that whatever happend to him during the test was his own fault and guess what the foolish boy actualy signed that document.But unfourtunetly the the lab mice can noat be used for any experiments because th e court said it was bad bad bad bad bad real bad animal crualty i mean they have to pay the apet store of which they owe it millions and trillion and a bazillion dollars. Ha look what you broght on your self you are freaky cowards . I meani expect kids to do animal cruelty but adults who aactualy know the law . or atleast they are supposed to know how very foolish. hehe you who evererer everer is readin this is very foolish to read this because this is a foolish paper and me myself am very real foolish to write this at all but you wanna know what else is also realy foolish it is foolish that my foolish teacher gave me a very foolish grade and its real foolish that the bag boy had to tripple bag the ice-cream.