The differences in spiritual character between Medieval Period to Renaissance Time

The most critical change between the Medieval Period and the Renaissance Time was in spiritual character of humanity eminently expressed in both literature and the visual arts, particularly through the motif of journey and self-discovery. Since the growth of humanistic thought, it changed the way of writing in tales, poems, and a new broad vision on arts. The spiritual of humanity was a main reason for the changes of literature and arts. It is interesting to compare the works from two different eras, and realize that they had different believes, their thought were changing little by little which lead to the development of new literary themes and new ways of intercepting art.
The Medieval Periods lasted from the fifth to the fifteenth century in European which had begun to emulate the art and philosophy of ancient Greece. People of this era were deeply religious, and religion inserted into all aspects of medieval life and society. The church had a great deal of influence and power. The Medieval period was considered to be a dour periods since the featured communal society and feudal relationship between knight and king. The Middle Ages brought the beginnings of a rebirth in literature. Their early books were painstakingly hand-copied and illustrated by the monks. The literature of this time was composed of religious writing, it is a complex and rich field of study. The Medieval society talks about the dark ages of the western culture and civilization. The church was a powerful institution, so most of the literary texts that could survived had to appeal to the teaching of the church, otherwise the writings might be condemned. The Bible was the most influential copies in medieval time which was spreading its gospel thought out the la...

... middle of paper ... have influence in different belief and religious. The ideals of arts and statues have change worship view of religious believer. The arts have many different view, and emotional connect to it. Many arts have symbol go with it to express more feeling and easy to understand the ideal go with it. The arts have ourselves is both good and bad way thought the meaning of painting and how is effect humanity. Both literature and arts have different influence humanity in Medieval Period and Renaissance because one is influence in people daily life and bible, belief and arts change humanity though emotion of panting like people, god and the beautiful side of arts are influence and change ourselves. Arts have also taking a huge parts in this time period because of religious arts statues for worship, pray and arts, painting of god have change the view of religious beliefs.

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