The debate of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Over the years the medical field has developed many miraculous ideas and procedures. From organ transfers to blood transfusions, tons of lives have been saved. A doctor’s whole purpose is to help those dying to live. Yet, doctors have developed PAS, Physician Assisted Suicide, also known as Physician Assisted Death, and not to be mixed up with Euthanasia. Physician Assisted Suicide is morally wrong, gives doctors too much power, and it opens a door for those less critical patients to receive treatment too.
"He started at a time when it was hardly talked about and got people thinking about the issue.” (Philip Nitschke, Exit International) The debate of Physician Assisted Suicide has been going on since over 2000 years ago during the development of Western medicine. There was a Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors to practice medicine honestly. It has been questioned whether Physician Assisted Suicide breaks that oath. Then, in the 1950s to 1990s Dr. Jack Kevorkian brought up the subject, and began the biggest debate upon the subject. He thought people had the right to die, and was deemed the nickname “Dr. Death.” It was said that he assisted in over 130 patients ending their lives. So, this is not a new controversial subject.
Getting any confusion out of the way of PAS and Euthanasia is important. There are a few differences. First, Euthanasia is a treatment that the doctor literally takes the critically ill patients life. While, PAS is where the doctor gives the patient the means and information, and the patient takes the treatment themselves. Euthanasia results in critically ill patients dying, even without their consent, to end suffering. While, in PAS the patient is giving a lethal drug dosage, voluntarily take their life, and ...

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In this essay, the author

  • Argues that doctors have developed pas, physician assisted suicide, and not to be mixed up with euthanasia. it is morally wrong and gives doctors too much power.
  • Explains that the debate of physician assisted suicide has been going on since over 2000 years ago during the development of western medicine. dr. jack kevorkian brought up the subject in the 1950s to 1990s.
  • Explains the differences between euthanasia and pas, stating that the doctor literally takes the critically ill patient's life, while the patient voluntarily takes their life.
  • Analyzes how the wicked old world is trying to make jesus' sacrifice seem worthless by throwing their lives away.
  • Explains that physician assisted suicide gives doctors the power to take someone's life, without having to commit the act.
  • Explains that if anyone can ask for assisted suicide, the doctor could make the decision to give anyone who asks for the treatment the lethal dosage of drugs.
  • Explains that suicide is an anchor that pulls you into the darkness and keeps pulling you deeper and deeper. with love and hope, suicide can be overcome.
  • Opines that critically ill patients should be allowed to be physician assisted in committing suicide.
  • Opines that pro-life is more than just an opinion of suicide, or abortion; it is knowing what a better life is and how to get it.
  • Opines that dr. kevorkian's art is a side you've probably never seen.
  • Opines that physician-assisted suicide should be legal? poll shows divide among experts.
  • Opines that physician assisted suicide: compassionate liberation or murder?
  • Explains that an incurably-ill patient should be able to commit physician-assisted suicide.
  • Explains the "physician assisted suicide debate" at endlink/comprehensive cancer center. pretzer, michael. "assisted suicide: should it be legal?"
  • Analyzes how opinion on physician-assisted suicide sharply divided, poll shows.
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