The dangers of pregnancy

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Most women are not always aware of dangers of pregnancy. Pregnancy is an awesome thing to experience in life; it is one of the most common thing women can experience. However, pregnancy can also be the most dangerous thing. During the time that a woman becomes pregnant it’s very important for her to keep up with her health. There are so many dangers to pregnancy that are not always known until later during the pregnancy. This paper will inform readers about the dangers of pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an awesome experience it also can be some women bad experience. In this paper it informs the readers on some of the research that has taken place during the process of writing this research paper. If you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant then it’s a great idea to get ahead start of information before birth just so you will have a better understanding about the dangers of pregnancy. While reading this paper the research has shown that pregnancy are not always easy. To who may read this paper I hope that you’ve read the following information and that you have receive a better understanding.
Although many women become pregnant each year, many are unaware of the many possible dangers of pregnancy and therefore, have difficult pregnancies. Some during pregnancy can affect you and the unborn baby’s health. Carbon monoxide is unhealthy for the unborn that are being carried. While smoking you inhale poisons that could be a danger to your baby’s heart and lungs. Smoking lowers the bloodstream and goes directly to the unborn baby. It also lowers the amount of oxygen that is available to the woman and the growing baby. It can also increase the risk of a miscarriage.
Bleeding and spotting can occur while pregnant; it’s not always possibl...

... middle of paper ... also help. “There is no optimal or critical number of movements. You should establish a baseline and have a subjective perception of whether your baby is moving more or less. As a general rule, you should have ten or more kicks in two hours. If it’s anything go see your doctor to make sure the baby health is fine.
Fainting during pregnancy shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be a signal that something as simple as dehydration or something serious likes major circulatory or heart problems. If you are not getting enough oxygen to your brain it can also mean your baby may not be getting enough either.

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