The crucible

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The play The Crucible by Arthur Miller focuses on the frenzy that occurred in the Massachusetts town of Salem in the year 1692. It shows the interactions between the characters and how their varying personalities affected the dynamics of the trials. One of these characters is Giles Corey, an eighty-three year old farmer who is the scapegoat for many of the bad occurrences in the town. The primary reason for this is that he is uneducated and had a fiery personality which led to many confrontations with others. Although Giles Corey’s personality antagonized him with the townsfolk, this same stubbornness is what makes Giles one of the heroes of The Crucible.
Giles Corey’s strong personality allows him fight for what he believes in. His intense nature is displayed early in the play as he confronts Thomas Putnam about his rights to a piece of land. This confrontation with Putnam is one of Giles’ primary motivations, along with his desire to save his wife, for trying to challenge the veracity of the allegations of the girls. When Giles presents his deposition to the judges, he accuses Putnam of forcing the girls to say that George Jacobs is practicing witchcraft in order to get his land saying, “there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so a great piece! This man is killing his neighbors!” (Miller, 96). Although this, together with his thirty-three prior encounters in court, has alienated him from other townspeople, his attempt at trying to disprove the girls serves as an important stepping stone to making the judges realize that the girls are lying. Another event that shows Giles unyielding personality is his refusal to admit to practicing witchcraft as he was tortured to death. Elizabeth describes his death by stone press while t...

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...omeone who is able to make wise decisions. Although his inability to make good decisions at the beginning of the play makes Giles an detracts from him being a respectable character, his metamorphosis reinforces him as one of the most commendable people in the play.
Giles is one of the most compelling and interesting characters in The Crucible as he is a person which displays both beneficial and detrimental qualities. His seemingly easy to understand characteristics presents various angles to which the audience can interpret his personality and motivations, however the positive effects that he contributes in helping end the trials outweigh the negative events due to his character. While some may think of him only as a minor character, the complexities in his personality causes others to think of him as an important and venerable part of the tragedy of The Crucible.
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