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Though the Civil War nearly destroyed America, it also changed the country for the better. During the years of 1861 to 1865, Americans fought against Americans and families fought against families. Looking at the causes of the Civil War, the important leaders of the North and the South, and the major battles,will help to better understand the results and outcomes of the war and how America became a united nation.The North and the South had different opinions on slavery and sectionalism. This conflict led to the Confederates firing the first shots of the civil war at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, in 1861. . Understanding the Civil War starts with understanding the causes. Typically, Americans consider slavery the major cause of the war. This cause came out of the different lifestyles of the North and South. The North had mills, factories and shipyards; therefore, they had no need for slaves. Also the North outlawed slavery in the early 1800's so they didn't use slaves. Still the African Americans did not have rights. They couldn't vote, be in the army, jury etc. As well as the weren't very high class they were just average. Now on the other hand the South was the high society they would travel and go to party's and more. They needed slaves for their agriculture cotton because it was on high demand and well needed. The South was actually called the "cotton kingdom"( wise). The cotton was very prickly and they were very dependent on slaves and most didn't know better they just grew up with them. The lifestyle differences of the North and South caused them to have a different perspective was on slavery. Yet, the history of slavery in the U.S. Was more complex. It was complex because on the different changes in the laws on slavery. Th... ... middle of paper ... ...m into southern territory. The both sides kept fighting aggressively but in the morning of July 3 the union had won.that gave confidence to the North and finally in the war the union had dominance. The battle of Shiloh was prior to Gettysburg it was won of the first encounter of the civil war. The battle lasted from April 6 to April 7. The union held under and pulled through resulting in an early win for them. Vicksburg unlike all these other battles was not a battle it was actually a campaign and one of the most brilliant ones devised. The goal was to capture Vicksburg Mississippi which eventually the union did this proved the genius ness of Ulysses s. Grant. Now the b title to end all battles Appomattox courthouse general lee surrendered 28,000 troops to general grant in front of Appomattox courthouse which ended the civil war. All of the battles played key parte

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