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 1) Title: “Stephen King” Author: Amy Keyishian and Marjorie Keyishian Copyright date: 1996,1998 2) The setting was a small town in Bangor, Maine where Stephen King was raised. Some times and places in which major actions occur are as follows: 9/21/47-The master of horror, Stephen King was born. 1970- King received his English degree graduating with honors. 01-71- King married Tabitha Spruce whom he met when they were students at the University of Maine. He taught six English classes at Hampden University in Maine 1973- His first best selling novel, “Carrie”, was published. 1976- “Carrie” was the first of his works to be made into a television movie. 1978- “Night Shift” was published and a succession of books followed -Different Seasons, “Cujo”, “Danse Macabre”, “Salem’s Lot”, “The Shining”, “Skeleton Crew”(1985 collection of his short stories)Pet Semetary, The Talisman, etc. 1979- Under the name of Richard Bachman, he wrote The Long Walk, and Rage. In 1985, King reveals to the world in the Bangor Daily News that he and Bachman are indeed one and the same. As Bachman, King’s novels were more on a sad note. 3) a. The portion of the book that interested me the most was the author’s detailed description of one of Stephen King’s main characters, Carrie in his best selling novel. The author provides pictures that actually send goose bumps up your spine. The actress that portrayed Carrie in the television movie, Sissy Spacek, was dripping wet in pigs blood just before she uses her telekinetic powers to cause explosions and fires. Carrie was extremely depressed because she had been excluded from everything by her fellow classmates at Bates High School where she attended. When she is asked to go to the prom by Tommy as part of a prank unbeknownst to her, she becomes excited and happy. She is selected as Queen and Tommy as King. Fellow classmates end up ruining the one happy night of her life and she decides to take revenge. She has horror in her eyes and a maddening smile. The movie is considered by most critics to be one of the best adaptations of a King book. The schoolmate’s screams would be enough to send chills up your spine if you have seen this movie or read his book. Attached are pictures that appeared on page 14 and 68 in the book. Illustration 3 is taken from “The Body”. Illustration 4 is from “Misery”. Illustration 5 is King hard at work. Illustration 6 shows him graduating from

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