The battle against your happiness

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For many people personal beauty and physique is becoming not an obsession or a fetish, but a reality, a career and even a motivational, mood and confidence stabilizer. Regardless of the personal mental, physical and social benefits of cosmetic surgery, we live in a world that has been manipulated by millions of different social and cultural beliefs, personal opinions and economic theories that continues to leave people and parts of the world with ambivalence toward physicians, surgeons and cosmetic medicine as a whole. As influential and adverse as this planet is; in which it carries 7 billion people, we learn, adapt and recognize different methods and actions in which can help and what has been proven to benefit an individuals mental, physical and social well-being. Research on cosmetic surgery and its benefits have provided a basis in which it promotes the techniques, education and individualized affluence, which have accompanied many people around the world. Articles, personal case studies and national statistics in conjunction with an analogous global perspective on mental, social and health benefits from Cosmetic enhancement and Cosmetic surgery have made up a solid foundation for my research. As many of my articles in which I researched touched on the topic of psychological well-being, an article by a post medical student named Stephanie Van, discusses her personal interview with a patient who under went a successful body countering, life saving cosmetic surgery. Stephanie had interviewed a morbidly obese female who had under went a gastric bypass and a variety of treatments for weight loss, which in return resulted in a extensive loss of weight and at the same time, caused an even bigger health risk. With the extensive ... ... middle of paper ... ...n some societies tends to be over looked and frowned upon, overall we live in a society in which we do what is needed to be done to stay healthy, fit, happy and involved in our surroundings in which not every person is able to run five miles for a weight loose program or eat a certain way to reduce particular skin conditions. People of certain beliefs will continue to impugn negativity to the world, which they feel is not up to their standards, resulting in people who look to cosmetic surgeries to counteract the notion of being that outcast. As men, women, young adults and children find their peace from a procedure in which they had to benefit the way they feel about themselves, research will continue to provide the benefits of this industry and continue to innovate the technology to make undergoing different procedures; safer, more natural and even more successful.
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