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A Travel Guide to the Aztecs ______________________ Honor Code This is the 13th century and this is Nadir, from the History channel 13. This guide will show to you how fun and amazing a trip to the Aztec civilization can be, so if you ever want to visit the Aztec civilization this paper should be your travel guide. I have lived almost all my life learning about the Aztecs and working for the History channel 13. I will guide you through the Aztec civilization, how they live, their economy, food, geography, government, language, people and religion. The Aztec empire was discovered was discovered and conquered by a conquistador known as Cortes. Cortes arrived in Mexico in 1519 and at arriving he burnt all his ships, so that no one could go back. Cortes kidnapped Montezuma 1, and bribed the whole Aztec tribe. Montezuma 1 ended up dyeing and Cortes escaped. But Cortes came back and by 1527 totally finished the Aztec empire. During the 1100s and1200s, the Aztec people were searching for a new home. “They decided to settle close to the ruins of the old city, Tula. One of the Aztec gods had told the Aztec people that there would be a sign which would show were the Aztec people should settle, and this sign was an eagle carrying a serpent.”* After traveling for about two-hundred years they saw this sign. This sign was actually an eagle sitting on top of a cactus, but as they had been searching for a long time they took this as the sign. But this new place had a lot of hostile inhabitants and they were not happy with the Aztecs coming to their land. They made the Aztecs pay taxes to their king, and they treated them very badly. They ended up killing the Aztec king to gain full authority. The new king of the Aztecs joined up with the Texcoco and overcame the Tepanec Empire. After this war, the Aztecs got their first king Montezuma 1st. The Aztecs also defeated the city of Tlateclolco, which ended after a long time. In 1519, when Cortes arrived, Tenochitlian was a place where merchants and soldiers controlled a substantial amount of Meso America. The Aztec Empire started falling in 1521 when the Spaniards and their leader Cortes captured their king Montezuma and cut down their food supplies. A person who was an Aztec needed to follow eight rules, to lead what is called an “exemplary life”*.

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