The atomic bomb

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The former Vice President and the new President, Harry S. Truman, made the crucial decision to drop the first ever atomic bomb. The bomb was named “Little Boy,” and it was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on the sixth of August in 1945. Just three days later on August ninth, President Harry Truman made another vital, yet difficult, decision to drop a second atomic bomb. This one was called “Fat Man” and was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan when they failed to surrender (Operation Downfall, 2014). Thomas Ferebee pressed the button that dropped “Little Boy” on Hiroshima. Jacob Beser served on both the Hiroshima crew and the Nagasaki crew and was quoted that he would drop them again (Nuclear Quotes, 2014). Franklin Delano Roosevelt formed the Manhattan Project, which was a code word for construction of bombs. The creator of this deadly weapon was mister Albert Einstein. He was one of the greatest scientists of his time and is still the greatest scientist the world has ever seen. His partner, and the one that oversaw the construction and testing of the atomic bomb, was Dr. Robert Oppenheimer a scientist from Germany. These two bombs were the two essential things that final put an end to the gruesome World War II. Over the past seventy years, the decision to drop atomic bombs or other forms of nuclear weapons has been frowned upon and seen as a form of mass destruction that should not be used as a type of warfare. It causes an overwhelming amount of pain, suffering, death, destruction, and devastation. Harry Truman’s decision to drop, not only one, but two atomic bombs on Japan has been questioned over the past seventy years. All of these men are responsible for the dropping of the two atomic bombs and the lives that wer... ... middle of paper ... not believe Operation Downfall would have worked simply because the United States would have lost too many men. I also think they should have done more research on the long term effects associated with the bombs being dropped and not only on the target area, but also areas around the target. And finally, I think the dropping of the first bomb on Hiroshima was justified only to put an end to the war and to scare the Japanese into surrendering but the second one should not have been dropped. The atomic bombs marked a major turning point in history and modern military warfare techniques. This new highly destructive technology changed the way the world saw war and how horrible it really was. New rules had to be put in place for the use of nuclear weapons and atomic bombs. The dropping of the atomic bombs left an imprint on the world and will never be forgotten.
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