The Zodiack Killer

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There have been many killers out there but the Zodiac is one of a kind. He killed tons of people, he would send letters and threats to kill dozens to the police and local news stations, even though the crime was unsolved there are many suspects.
The zodiac claimed to have started killing in 1966 by the murder of Cheri Jo Bates and only one month later someone mailed 3 nearly identical handwritten letters which said “The Confession” which started out by saying “She had to die” and was signed with a letter “Z”at the bottom of the paper (Butterfield). One year later two teenagers, Betty Jenson and David Faraday, were parked on the side of the road were later found dead outside of their car which had been shot. The the boy had been alive, but he died on the way to the hospital. Someone who was there just 45 minutes before the couple was there saw a car driving away and then turning around in that area. About six months later Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau were parked at a golf course. A man, who was thought to be a police officer, shot many nine-millimeter rounds into the couple. In minutes the couple were found by some teenagers and were rushed to the hospital, but Darlene Ferrin died while on the way. Even though Michael lived the only description of the man was "A short, heavyset white man, about 5'8 and around 195 pounds"(Montaido). Cecelia Ann Shepard and Bryan Calvin Hartnell were another of the Zodiacs victims except one of them
Tippitt 2 survived. The couple were picnicking on a lake and they were approached by a man wearing glasses. He later stepped behind tree and when he emerged he was wearing a four cornered hood with a crossed circle which was the Zodiacs signature in all of his letters. He then told him that he ...

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