The Zodiac Killer

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Imagine if you lived in a city with a killer and no one knew him and they still haven’t caught him. You wouldn’t have any idea where a safe place in town would be. Would you continue with Ur every day activities? Would you be safe taking out urn trash to the curb? What about running to the store? Do you think urn life is worth that carton of milk u gone to the gas station to buy? Would you even feel safe at all knowing there is a killer he could be you’re next door neighbored. It could even be the mail man anybody could be the killer you just have no idea everyday u take risks that everyone takes for granted. One day something bad will happen to someone who is a good person and they won’t take all the warning signs and reports seriously. So they will walk straight into their own demise and become another victim of some crime. Would you like to be gutted or mutilated or anything that is very painful and just down right wrong. No one deserves these things but there is always some one out there at the wrong place at the wrong time.
How life was before all this happened it was a nice city with no worries everything was at peace no one had to worry about anything at all. Everything was calm and settled back. Until 1966 when the zodiac arrived. .
On October 30 1966 Cheri Jo Bates was the first victim of the zodiac killer she was only 18. The thing about the case on her was how badly the murdered she was chocked and then she screamed so the zodiac killer cut and stabbed her she was cut so many times in the neck she almost lost her head on her shoulders. After all this he sent the police a letter telling them every detail of the crime and home he did it. He disconnected the coil and waited for her to come out of the library. When she cam...

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... one that is unsolved like many others but this one is always talked about and I like it and dislike this case. My likes are that it sneaky; no one knows who it is. And my dislikes are that we will never find him and is it so easy to get away with murder? But not just one multiple. And that kind of scares me a bit because what if he has a young one who wants to follow in daddies shoes. Are we even safe?

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